Christmas Survival Guide (The Financial One!)

Turkeys in supermarkets, tinsel in the shops……it can only mean one thing. Christmas is on the way (insert applicable squeal of delight or gasp of horror here)!

BlogOct20183Here are our top Survival Tips to save you financially this Christmas...

1. No great surprise but #Getaplan. Now.

A Christmas plan that is. Start by working out your budget (income or savings but never credit!) Then work out who you need to buy for and allocate an amount to each of them (within your budget)

2.There are sales every month so start looking for gifts within your budget.

Leaving things to last minute generally means you panic and often spend more.

3. Get creative – can you hand make gifts?

If you are not the creative type, a nice card with a personal note offering to cook a meal is generally well received especially by family that would rather your time than another pair of socks or hand cream.

4. Are you an impulse buyer? Then shop online.

This removes the distractions and you target the gifts you have in mind. Be sure to check the stores returns policy.

5. Got teenagers and older kids? Give them a budget to work to.

Challenge them to stick to the budget rather than guilting you in to purchasing more than you had intended.

6. Stay calm.

Christmas can be stressful for a multitude of reasons, family tensions, illness, separation, loneliness or lack of finances….be kind to others and to yourself.

7. The message can get lost in all the hype but Christmas is a time for giving so...

Volunteer your family time at a soup kitchen or boxing care packages.

8. Start a Christmas account…..for 2019!

You might have missed the boat this year but get prepared for next year. Allocate what you can but ideally $200-400 a month will cover all presents, lunch on the day and maybe even a week away!

Ready for some budget accountability? Get in touch here.

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